GitGuardian is a French and American scale-up that builds the code security platform for the DevOps generation.

More specifically, GitGuardian provides two solutions enabling Dev, Sec, and Ops to advance together towards the Secure Software Development Lifecycle.

The first solution is the GitGuardian platform offering Secrets detection and remediation, Infra as Code Security, an Honeytoken capabilities.

Secrets detection and remediation consists of detecting secrets in developers’ source code (API keys, identification secrets, passwords, etc). It warns developers and their company’s security teams when company’s secrets are exposed on internal repositories.

Infra as Code Security helps protect the cloud infrastructure from security misconfigurations.

Honeytoken aims at detecting intrusions in the software supply chain by alerting when intruders are trying to access confidential data by penetrating systems through software supply chain components.

The second product is Public Monitoring. It scans all public GitHub repositories in real-time and alerts developers and their company’s security teams when secrets are unintentionally leaked on developers’ personal GitHub repositories.

To put it another way, GitGuardian is the “Guardian” of Code by helping to build a complete code security platform.


GitGuardian is young but already a global company. With our headquarters in Paris (FR) and our growing presence in the US (Boston office and presence in Georgia, Washington, Illinois, California, New York, Florida).

We serve technology organizations, including Fortune 500 clients in all regions of the world. We currently generate more than 80% of our revenue in the US and address a market of more than 10B$.


GitGuardian is growing fast and raised a very successful series B of $44M in December 2021 with top tier American and European VCs and prominent investors (Scott Chacon - co-founder of GitHub, Solomon Hykes - founder of Docker, Balderton Capital, Eurazeo and Sapphire.)

We went from 25 employees in 2020, to 50 employees in 2021, to more than 150 employees today and a forecast of 200 Guardians by the end of 2024!


We have been awarded prestigious recognitions. In June 2023, we have been elected to be part of the French Tech 2030 and we are in the prestigious Sifted ranking of B2B SaaS Rising 100 startups that could achieve $1bn+ valuations in the near future!

Our solutions are already used by hundreds of thousands of developers in all industries and GitGuardian Internal monitoring is the n°1 security app on the GitHub marketplace.